Karna’s karma!

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This time I have come up with a solid subject to write in my blog. (Thanks to one of my best friends who gave me an idea to write about this) Everyone knows about Mahabharata! Whenever we talk about Mahabharata, there has always been a controversy as to who is the actual hero of the epic! Arjuna? or Karna?

Karna , also known as Vasusena or Radheya(son of Radha,his foster mother), was one of the central characters of Mahabharatha. Born to Surya and Kunti devi, he always faced humiliation for being a Suta-putra. Little did people know that he wasn’t a Suta-putra, but a Surya-putra.(during that time) As a young women,Kunti was granted the boon to invoke any God to give her a baby. In order to test this, she called upon Surya and was handed a son,Karna, wearing a kavacha and a kundala. So,this fact always fascinated me..where did those Kavacha actually come from? This blog is going to explain about that.


Much before Mahabharatha ,there lived an asura named Dhambhodbhava. He was a devotee of Surya. In order to gain immortality he performed great tapasyas. As a result of this , Lord Surya appeared before him and said ‘I’m pleased by your devotion. Ask me anything you want’. 

Dambhodbhava hid a smile, ‘My Lord! Please make me immortal!’
Surya frowned, ‘That is not possible! Everything that is born has to die! Immortality is out of question!’

Dhambhodbhava knew that his wish won’t be granted and all his penance were wasted. Surya,waited for him to ask for another boon . Dhambhodbhava , now came up with an idea of asking a proper boon which Surya couldn’t avoid. He asked for thousand armors to protect him. He also laid a condition stating that whoever tries to break that kavach would die immediately. (this kavach could only be broken by someone who has performed penance for thousand years).

Surya was horribly worried. He knew that Dambhodbhava had performed a very powerful penance and that he could get the entire boon he had asked for. And Surya had a feeling that Dambhodbhava was not going to use his powers for good.  He had no other choice but to grant the boon. But deep down , Surya was too scared about the consequences of granting that deadly boon.
Surya’s worries came true. Soon , Dambhodbhava started to misuse his powers. He treated everyone in the worst way possible. He was known by the name ‘Sahasrakavacha’ (man with thousand armors) .
*Scene shifts
It was at the same time, King Daksha (father of Sati, Lord Shiva’s first wife) ,got one of his daughters Murthi get married to Dharma ( one of Lord Brahma’s sons) . Murthi also heard about Sahasrakavacha and wanted him to get killed. She started performing penance to Lord Vishnu . Vishnu was pleased by this and promised her that he would bring his atrocities to an end. He also said she will be the reason for Sahasrakavacha’s death. (onnu vaangina ,onnu free) Soon, Murthi gave birth to twin sons; Nara and Narayana.
The two brothers were inseparable. What one thought the other was always able to finish.They grew up in an ashram. Sahasrakavacha started attacking the forest around the ashram where Nara and Narayana stayed.
Nara went to Sahasrakavacha, ‘Sahasrakavacha! I challenge you to a fight!
‘I can be killed only by performing penance for a thousand years. You cannot….’ ,Sahasrakavacha replied.
Nara said ‘I have not done any penance….But my brother Narayana is doing it for me!’
Sahasrakavacha was not able to control his laughter, ‘He is separate and you are separate. How can you think of his penance helping you in any way? Get out of my way child’ he said.
But Nara was not ready to give up. Fight started among the two. Sahasrakavacha found it extremely difficult to fight with Nara, because he gained powers because of Narayana’s penance. Soon, to Sahasrakavachas’ surprise Nara broke the first armor worn by him. But, as soon as his armor was broken , Nara dropped dead ! Narayana got up and ran towards his dead brother. He closed his eyes and muttered a mantra. Sahasrakavacha could not believe his eyes when he saw Nara wake up!  That was when Sahasrakavacha  understood that it was the mritunjaya mantra’ that was uttered by Narayana. (It was the mantra that can bring the dead back to life and could possibly used only if someone has the power that equals the power gained by performing penance for thousand years) 
Now Narayana picked up the weapon and started to fight with Sahasrakavacha while Nara went to the forest and started performing the penance for the strength of his brother. This went on and on . One of the brothers die as a result of breaking the armor and the other used the mantra to bring the dead back to life.
Sahasrakavacha lost his 999 armors and has only one left. He came to the realization that he isn’t going to defeat the kids. So,he decided to take refuge within Surya ,who granted him the boon. Sahasrakavacha became a part of Lord Surya.
When Nara and Narayana went to Lord Surya and asked him to hand over Sahasrakavacha, Surya politely refused to do so because it was his moral duty to protect his devotee. As a result, Nara cursed Surya that he would be born as a human and suffer for sheltering a monster within himself. Immediately after this incident,Treta yuga came to an end and Dwapara yuga began.
To fulfill the promise given to Murthi , Nara and Narayana were born again in dwapara yuga as Arjuna and Krishna respectively. And Sahasrakavacha was none other than Karna himself. The kavacha which he had was the last one of the thousand kavachas .
As Karna was actually the monster Dambodbhava in his previous life, he led a very difficult life to pay for all the sins committed by him in his past life.

But Karna also had Surya, the Sun God inside him, so Karna was a hero as well! A hero, who was the most powerful, bravest and the most tragic warrior in the Mahabharatha.!

-References from Bhagawatha purana.

Just another day? (part 1)


It has been nearly a year and a half since I posted my last blog post. Here I’m back! 😛

So what this blog is going to be about?! Seriously, I myself have no idea. One of the toughest job is to find a proper topic for your blog! Finally decided to write something about how the day went.

What is so special about this day? Nothing! Just another normal day ..And a day when I try to take some small resolutions that make me a better person. My birthday! This time I decided to take make a few changes in my hobby list that would help me a little 😛 This hobby stuff will be discussed in Part-2 of this post. Before we go to that,let me tell how special this  day was.

For all these years and even now, I never believe in 12 am wishes. But some things happened in the past two years that made me fall in love with those 12 am wishes. They made me smile before I go to sleep. What else do you need to make your day good than a sound sleep the previous night? For the past 2 birthdays , I try max to be awake till 12am just to respond to the lovely wishes people send me.  So,this year almost 34 chats were open . So much love! ❤  Apart from the 12 am wishes ,still my fb wall and whatsapp are flooding with so many lovely messages . And some messages really made my day! From really close to heart people. ❤

To begin with , the biggest gift given by my parents..My brother! I have never called him “Anna” ever since my birth, but still I have never had so much respect on anyone in life like I have for him. Endless fights never parted us. He can’t see me in pain. I still remember the day he cried,when my leg got stuck in his cycle wheel and my skin got peeled off! 😛 Every birthday ,he never forgets to reminisce about the day when I was born.

The  next person, “brother from another mother!” The person who makes me laugh a lot with his witty, funny comments. I had no idea that we would become so close in this short span of time. We fight a lot because of difference of opinion but these fights always brought us closer than before. Totally being “not-my-type” guy, he always has a special place in my heart. (I would like to post his birthday wish here. Since this blog is under pakka-privacy and only few close to heart and trustworthy people can read ,I don’t think sharing a piece of personal text is going to create some problems).

Hey friend,
So it’s 12AM and you’re turning 20. 20, does the number not speak something great of itself? I surely feel it does. So as you step into the 20’s now, I wish you all success and greatness in life. You look like an old dearer friend of mine, but trust me we have not touched our annual milestone yet. Now, thanks for everything you’ve done to me in the last one year. Not to forget the trouble you ran me into, while getting ADC record signed xD. I know thanks is an understatement. I couldn’t find a better word in the dictionary tho. We’ve had a lot of wonderful times in the past year together, thanks for making them all happen. Jokes aside ,now as you become an aunty, understand that you have a lot of responsibilities to face and duties to be done. Make sure you meet them. Most importantly, thanks for filling the void of not having a sister. I hate hash tags but for #SisterFromAnotherMother. The only tough part is that you might have to bear me for another year at least. Too sad about that. So here’s wishing you a wonderful year and a kickass 20’s. Happy happy birthday!!! ❤

P.s I’m too high I’ve written really less. I’ll come back with a stronger one.

When I talk about him, then I should talk about her too! Varshu! I have never seen a person who is so beautiful both in and out! The person who was so excited about my birthday than I was. She started her count-down a week back! When I had 119 hours left for my birthday! She is one of the best people I can ask for! This post isn’t enough because there are plenty of stuffs left tell about her!

Happiee birthday ❤. It all started from that friendship day wish and here we are. Sometimes you get amazing things as a gift from God, when you are never anticipating them. You are one. The one person who makes my bus travels better, the one person who can listen to my endless tantrums and knock sense into my head, the one person with whom I can be my craziest self. God, why didn’t I have you as a twin. You’ve become so close to me in such a short span of time and I don’t think anyone else can beat that. My unbiological sister, my go to person at any situation, my advisor and my well wisher, here you go. wishing you a very very happy, amazing, wonderful, blissful, successful and a prosperous birthday. May you get all achievements and success in this year. You have no idea how much you mean to me. I LOVE YOU ❤

(Next yaara pathi podalaam? *think-think)

The person whom I want to kill but love unconditionally? 😛 Okay, enna solradhu? I would take as an opportunity to thank you for all you have done! _/\_ How much ever you try to push me away from you, I ain’t going to give up! I will always try to be a nice,close friend to you ,only if you wish (nothing more,chillz).Only if you allow me to! I respect and love you loads ! ❤

I have left  about a hell lot of people here! Have to thank people who cared to wish me. People were kind enough to wish me by making calls or sending personal message.

Kudos to all who took a moment to make my day special !😛



My first own blog!!!

Here comes the day…! Finally created a blog! I had the idea of creating it soon after my boards, but that is when I found myself getting busier. (Strange,right!?). Surfing to get to know more about the best colleges, the admission process and blah blah!

Seriously, I should confess that I am clueless..as to what to write in my first article..OK! Let me write about how I got into SSN college of engineering..and my first day there!

When my results were out,I was totally disappointed with my marks.(Well, My marks were not that bad as you think!). I just expected more. Thanks to my maths sir..He asked me attend the test and interview there.

SSN CE..one of the best private colleges in Tamil Nadu..Owned by Shiv Nadar, the chairman of HCL Technologies, the college is not only best for it’s infrastructure but also provides the finest graduate and undergraduate programs.


About 750 students attended the exam and interview. We were divided into 4 slots. I was put in the second slot. My exam was at 11am. Well, the exam was not too tough.Just a bit of general knowledge. I easily cracked it. Then came the interview. I was actually scared because the interviewers were one of the intellectual and talented people. To be truthful, the interview was not like the placement interview. It went well.  would like to mention a few questions.

Interviewer: Sruthi, You are a singer,right?

Me: yes, Sir!

Interviewer: Tell me, which raaga you like the most?

Me: Amritavarshini.

Interviewer: why?

Me: when we sing songs in that raaga, it is believed that there will be a torrential downpour.

Interviewer: Have you experienced it?

Me: Yes sir, obviously!

Interviewer: Then,you should surely be in Chennai! 🙂

Ha-ha …Cool right?! Those interviewers actually made me feel comfortable.

After few days I got a call letter. I was asked to join the college.! And finally I am here..as a proud SSNite!! =D